Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Good 2 B Forgotten

Maybe it’s just because I’m so old, but I still can’t really figure Facebook out.  There’s something so high school about it that makes me uncomfortable. Cyber-cliques and all that.  And I don’t understand why some things people post to their wall show up on my homepage while others don’t.  Or why my list of “friends” shows status updates for almost everyone but only a few show up on my main Facebook page.  I’m always feeling left out of the cool party.  I probably need to find a 12-year-old to explain it all to me.


But the thing that really gets me is friend requests.  Yes, I’m a bit of a snob, but I generally don’t respond to people who don’t send an accompanying note with their request.  Especially if I haven’t been touch with the person for a while.  I recently received a request from someone from my high school with whom I have had absolutely no contact since graduation day.  It arrived with no note.  And I seem to recall this person didn’t really like me when we were in high school!  Why does she want me as her “friend” now? 


And I never add as a friend someone I truly don’t know.  And why am I getting requests from people I don’t know, anyway?  I suppose a certain number of them recognize me from my G.M. days, but certainly not all.  I mean, I have a couple of hundred friend requests from strangers.  Does this happen to everyone?  Do Facebook addicts just send out requests willy-nilly to whomever they happen to come across?


I do like the way that it’s sort of a cross between a party line and a bulletin board, and it’s nice to get an overview of what (actual) friends are up to on a semi-regular basis.  But I’m convinced I’m inadvertently offending people I don’t even know. 


I’m waiting for some jock type to anonymously write “faggot” on my wall in little tiny type to approximate mumbling under his breath.  Then my day at Facebook High will be complete.  

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