Friday, March 13, 2009

About Face(book)

Shortly after my Facebook rant a few postings back I received a message (via Facebook) from a friend I haven’t seen in a while who had “friended” me and with whom I had since had a brief exchange of messages (again, via Facebook.)  He closed the final message with, “So, are you going to friend me?”


Now, this guy is in his fifties.  He has several hundred “friends” on his profile page.  Lord!  I thought, what the fuck—I’m not going to spend one more second worrying about whether I’m offending someone or not.  On Facebook!  So I went through my voluminous list of friend requests and “confirmed” everyone on the list who I actually do know.  (I wonder if they all donned little white outfits for their confirmation?)  The total strangers are still personae non gratae.


Well, I’m here to testify—nay, to concede, that putting myself on all of those new lists made me accessible to umpteen gazillion more people who contacted me.  Some of whom I actually was happy to hear from.  So, just like my anti-snob-snobbish attitude that has kept me from returning to Fire Island after that one night back in 1979 (the lack of invitations has nothing  to do with it!) my hoity-toity-osity re. Facebook “friends” kept me from getting back in touch with lots of people I’m genuinely glad to be back in touch with.


All those high school types who were mean to me in high school but who want to be friends all of a sudden (with no note!!!)…?  Well, we’ll see about them.  I’m not saying “no” for sure, but I may make them sweat a little.


Like I said, “high school redux.”  Mea culpa.




This brief post is the first from my new residence.  I had the satellite internet installed today (no cable on the road.  25 miles from the state capital, folks.  Yes, the satellite is noticeably slower, but the alternative was…?) so, as of last night, je suis ensconced.  I have to say—this is a swell house.  I took a shower here after the gym and stayed in longer than I actually wanted to, just because I could.  And while I’m loathe to alter the graphic concept of this blog (a square image at the end of each post) to show off the living room properly I have to post a rectangular photo. 


Don’t Mickey and I look glamorous in our new digs?




  1. Nice home! It looks fit for a king and his owner.

  2. One might even say you are a glamor-puss.

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