Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, things are definitely on track for Saba.  I officially gave notice at the Damien Center (I actually gave notice my first week there, when I found out about the Saba gig--didn't want to take the job under false pretenses) and that made me kind of sad.  I so love my job.  Sophie (the girl half of the couple who run El Momo) and I have been e-mailing about things like curtains vs. bamboo shades... ideas for exterior lighting... color options for the new tile going in around the pool... white or colored sheets...  Gosh, but it's all fun!  Today I sent off the info they need to book my plane ticket.  That really made it all seem real.

And--wonder of wonders--it turns out there's an HIV/AIDS community center right down the hill from the hotel!  I've been in touch with them about volunteering while I'm on the island.  Nice bit of continuity, huh?  I figure on an island of 1500 people any new semi-permanent arrival will be the subject of intense curiosity.  By being right out there in the community I'll not only have the opportunity of meeting the locals right off the bat, but they in turn will be able to check me out at closer range.  I won't be so mysterious as I might seem if I just came down the hill once in a while to pick something up.

Everything seems to falling right into place!

But none of this has kept me from starting a new blog.  Hovering above all this planning and researching for my Saba trip is a layer of anticipation regarding my possible tin can road trip come fall.  I just posted the first entry (with pictures!)  Drop by for a visit when you can.  For now it will serve mostly as a renovation update.  And, boy, if you think this blog is sporadic (Ellen...) the new one will seem positively glacial.

Have to go stoke the fire.  Later!


  1. It sounds like your stars are all aligning, after all. That's so neat!

  2. All your Google ads are about Rice Krispy Treats. That just made me smile. Any news in THAT department?

  3. sporadic or not I LOVE it! And you!