Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pullin' a Palin

Yes, I’m leaving Saba before my expected departure date.


But no tears, no recriminations please.  “Just” two months in Paradise is not to be sneezed at.  You may recall the initial impetus for this adventure was the invitation by Patrick and Sophie to come help them out at El Momo on a few small projects they had around the place.  That would justify letting me spend the summer here as a freeloader, er, non-paying guest.  It was after that offer came that I dreamed up the whole scheme of writing a play while I was on the island which I would then take on the road when I returned home to the states.


Well, Patrick and Sophie are indeed terrific hosts and innkeepers.  So much so that they were headhunted away to another cottage complex here on Saba.  Five minutes away.  But one of the things they were not going to negotiate for in their new position was their friend, you know that guy who’s been hanging around town since May, the one who sings occasionally at Saboake on Fridays?  Yeah, that one.  Well, he’s coming along with us to stay in one of the cabins for free. 


Uh, no.  I don’t think so.


And since I didn’t particularly want to see if I could stay on here at El Momo when the owner—whom I’ve never met--returns form Holland, I thought, “cue exit music and… curtain.”


Which is a nice transition to a second, and more compelling reason for my premature am-scray:  my “Canned Ham” script is at the point where I don’t want to do any more work on it until I settle on a director and involve them in additional revisions.  And I’m very anxious to do that.  (The italics are mine.)  In my head, since completing the second draft, my late-August departure date has been slowly creeping forward the more I have been thinking about the show.  What can I say?  I’m happy about what I’ve gotten down on paper and I’m excited about getting the thing on its feet.  


(Speaking of which, I’ll be getting it on its knees next week when I give an informal reading of the script to a tiny group of my Saba friends.  Should be interesting.)


So, I’ll be on the 9:30 A.M. flight from Saba Airport next Friday, the 17th and back home later that evening.  Since my stay here has been perfect… flawless… the nes plus ultra of étés, I could almost be considered prudent by quitting while I’m ahead.


Knowing all this was in the works, I sang a couple of extra songs last night at Sabaoke.  “I Dig Rock and Roll Music” went over well but it turns out “Twilight Time” starts on a stratospheric note that I did not quite hit.  No Platter, I.  Wanting to end big, I asked Wolfgang, who owns the place and runs Saboake, if I could join him in a duet on one of his signature tunes.  We rocked the house with “Mack the Knife.”


“Look out old Mackie is back!” 




  1. Are you also planning to make a run for pres in 2012? You've got my vote-- I'd simply love to see how you'd redecorate the Oval Office.

  2. We will be in NY the 21 - 25... Can we see you?Beth and I will be there, so it will be worth putting up with having to see Mom, Dad, Gramma and Papa! :-)

  3. What a shame you have to cut your stay short Tom. But you did accomplish and do much while on Saba but I'm sure leaving is going to be bittersweet.
    I look forward to hearing more about the play and more about your trip to Saba including more pics.

  4. Will you have time to re-shoot your Saba-mentary? Or do we need to contact Scorsese to get the restoration going on the one you scrapped? If he can make a dog of a film like "The Red Shoes" look good (You mean to tell me Moira Shearer's hair was supposed to be that color?!!!) just think what he'll do for your oeuvre.

  5. You are so Zen. While sad to hear that your adventure is ending, and pictures of you in speedos may be less forthcoming, your attitude sounds as ebullient as ever and it also means the Canned Ham tour is ever closer to fruition. I would have to be renditioned to Syria to miss that.

  6. Sorry your time is cut short, however something tells me that your coming away with a lifetime of memories.

    hope the next part of your journey is exciting as this one was for you!

    take care, hugs from St. Louis