Sunday, July 25, 2010

Talk About Your Childhood Wishes!

Since I’m a kid Goetze’s Caramel Creams have been one of my favorite candies. I remember our babysitter used to bring them to us in a sealed 10-pack on a little white card that had the long edges turned up slightly to hold the candies in place. Who knows? Maybe they can still be purchased that way.

But I always preferred them individually wrapped out of a large bag. The wrapped candies provided a unique pleasure in the act of removing them from the crinkly cellophane: after untwisting the ends, one could pop the candy out of the wrapping with one hand. Also, the product on the card were always slightly flattened (most likely from going through the wrapping machine) and their centers (made from God knows what. Hydrogenated something-or-other) were more unified with the caramel surrounding them. (Likewise with Cow Tales, essentially a mini, unsliced roll of Caramel Creams. In theory, a great idea, but it just ain’t the same.)

When I was a kid (the old man croaked) the centers had a completely different, dryer texture. So much so that one could occasionally actually remove the centers with one’s tongue and enjoy the two flavors individually.


Doing research from this entry, it turns out the fine people at Goetze’s make several other products, including a Strawberry Cream I've never come across.


They also have a recipe page (with one recipe) suggesting Caramel Creams be melted and incorporated into brownie batter.


Until then I shall enjoy the original versions by the fistful and recall the halcyon days of youth when Mrs. Baltera would proffer a 10-pack card of Caramel Creams to a bright-eyed, sweet-toothed little boy.

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  1. Glad to see you return to the blog-- and I must agree with your analysis of the Goetze mix textures and flavors-- but oh the packaging is divine!