Friday, August 13, 2010

Double Your Pleasure

I love a double boiler. The obvious uses for it (melting chocolate, uh... melting chocolate,) are, well, obvious. But it also makes the best oatmeal possible. The oats and water never actually boil and bubble when it cooks. It simply becomes oatmeal. The smoothest, creamiest, most non-scorched oatmeal you've ever had. And, as I've written recently, it cooks and incorporates fruit into the porridge to create a breakfast that very much resembles dessert.

But for my money, the thing a double boiler does best is re-heat. Things with a high liquid content (leftover spaghetti with sauce, say) heat up without drying out. Cooked vegetables stay crisp. Even something like a grilled chicken breast gets hot and actually gets juicier from the process.

Unlike a microwave or a toaster oven, the food reheats evenly and thoroughly. Granted it takes longer than those other methods, but it's definitely worth it if you've got the time.

Today, I had the time. And right now that leftover rigatoni with turkey meatballs and broccoli is looking mighty good.


  1. Yum. You've sold me on the double boiler, sir.

  2. I never thought of using a double boiler for warming up food!! what a great idea!! Thanks Tom!!

  3. Oatmeal is the perfect food and great anyway, any time of the day. So, I'll try your suggestion for making oatmeal, but I have to say that 1.15 minutes in the microwave is very near perfection -- the oatmeal is tender but still has a bit of bite and no raw taste. And, I'm envious of your classic Farberware double boiler (brings me back to my days in grad school)! Your peaches picture was a very good still life, too. The kind of photograph you can rest your eyes upon. Thanks!