Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sincerest Form of Flattery? Let's Hope That's It.

Should I be looking over my shoulder for “Mad Men” creator Matt Weiner? I mean, he did cast his real-life son in the creepy role of Glen so you do have to wonder about his motives. And while I love having my life and current theatrical endeavor constantly referenced in the show, Sunday’s episode started to make me feel like Bridget Fonda in Single White Female being aped (literally) to death by crazy Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Exhibit 1a: Last season featured an episode where Joan threw a dinner party and was goaded by her husband into whipping out her red accordion to perform “C’est Magnifique.”

Exhibit 1b: My red accordion.

Exhibit 2a: Season 4’s opener saw Don Draper receiving a canned ham from a client.

Exhibit 2b: Do I even have to say it?

Exhibit 3a/b: The “Mad Men Yourself” app on AMC’s website created the image below (L) from their myriad wardrobe/accessory options. For your consideration, here (below, R) is a snapshot taken of me taken about 25 years ago (when I was 3.) Please note, even the angle is the same.

Exhibit 4a: Creepy Glen himself working at the Christmas tree stand where he first hatches the scheme to stalk Sally Draper. Oh, look! What’s that in the background? Could it possibly be a camper? Of the style affectionately nicknamed “canned ham”?

Exhibit 4b: My “canned ham.” Oh, and what a coincidence! I’m standing in front of it playing a red accordion.

Could all this be mere happenstance? I suppose so. Lots of people eat ham and have flat top haircuts and play red accordions in front of campers. I’ll let you judge the preceding. But one moment in Sunday night’s episode really gave me the heebie-jeebies. And that brings us to…

Exhibit 5a: At SCDP’s cringe-inducing Christmas party Joey, the new (and very adorable) art director peeks his head in the doorway while wearing his groovy black-and-rust plaid dinner jacket.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Exhibit 5b: My groovy black-and-rust plaid dinner jacket hanging in the doorway of my “canned ham” camper with my accordion in view! I’ve owned that jacket for more than 20 years and have worn it onstage many times where anyone (oh, I dunno, maybe Matt Weiner?) could have seen me.

Color me “paranoid” but after seeing that jacket on the show I had to look in my closet just to make sure mine was still there.

OK,, Matt Weiner, I give up: you’re the pretty one. Now please just leave me alone!


  1. this is kinda creepaphonic ... keep an eye over your shoulder, man!

  2. Ah, these are but pale imitations of Greatness, my trendsetting friend. What do you expect from television?

    Technical question: is your can painted in such vivid shades for reals, or is it just well-lit in this image?

  3. @Greg: It's silver colored. The splendorous hues are the result of shutterbug Beth Schneck's amazing lighting.

  4. So what if he's pretty? You're sexy, and I know which one I'd rather be!

    (And wow, if you think he's pretty the pickings in P-town must be poor)

  5. Damn you should be collecting royalties!! I always did like your style!

  6. Ya know, Sal's gotta come back eventually. You're from Broadway too, arencha? I think they should work with that angle.