Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At The End Of The Trail...

My new Provincetown friend Chase Wyatt took me on a tour of the bike trails through the dunes last week. Another friend described them as “an amusement park for bikes” because there are a couple of big hills but the path is paved, so one doesn’t have to work too hard to get up them and the coast back down is plain old fun. The trail goes through open areas with gorgeous views of the ocean as well as some wooded stretches of pine and oak. All the trees seem to be small-scale, though. I assume it has something to do with them being rooted in sand and the quality of the salt air in which they’re growing. At the end of the ride is the parking lot for the beach at Herring Cove. It’s the perfect opportunity to take the sun and jump in the water for a bit before heading back in the opposite direction. All in all it’s a pretty good cardio workout. Well, if you push it, anyway.

Along the way there’s an historic rescue station where guards would scan the sea for signs of shipwrecks or sailors in distress. The building wasn’t open when we were there but Chase took the opportunity to snap some pictures. They’re all great but here is one I particularly like.


  1. Patrick Strudwick (the British journalist leading the charge against the ex-gay movement this side of the pond) asked whether he should head to Fort Lauderdale or P-Town. Take a guess which one won?

    I don't know when he's heading out, but I recommended he check out your show. Do well and you could get reviewed in the Guardian ;-)