Friday, July 30, 2010

Provincetown Peeps

Before Varla’s show tonight (did I mention I’m having more fun doing The Loose Chanteuse with Varla than maybe I’ve ever had doing a show before?) I stopped by the book release party for Bobby Miller’s “Provincetown Peeps, Vol. II” Bobby is a rather fantastic photographer and also an acquaintance from the East Village back in the day. I hadn’t seen him in years and years and years before running into him here in Provincetown earlier this summer. He’s done many photo essays over the years and this new one has got to be the most glamorous of all. Over the past year he shot many of the locals in his inimitable style and has just published them in book form. (The photos--not the locals themselves.) They’re dreamy and creamy and ethereal and just all around divine. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten to know quite a few of the Peeps since I arrived here in May and it was great fun to see them in their Milleresque glory hanging on the walls of a Cape Cod mansion.

Here’s the illustrious Mr. Norman Vane as seen through the lens of Bobby Miller.

(P.S. I really did write this entry yesterday, thereby keeping to my goal of one entry per day, but they seem to turn off the wireless signal around 11:30 and I missed getting in under the wire. It shan’t happen again.)


  1. Sounds like another amazing summer for Tom Judson!

  2. Thanks Tom for the great write up about my book and party. So glad you were there. xo Bobby